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openchallenge privacy statement

Summarum: We don't dig spam. If you are a spammer, go here.

We will not give your contact details to anyone. Those who enlist as a candidate for a challenge may have their name and e-mail address published, if they specifically say that it is ok. If you subscribed for the newsletter you can have your subscription terminated any time you wish. If we notice that someone tries to harvest contact details from this site, we will take actions to stop it. If you have any more guestions, please contact us.

Below is a few more words about the e-mail registry related to the newsletters, as required by the Finnish law (finnish). Jukka Korpela has done good work in translating the legal jargon to human readable form (finnish). email registry description

  1. Registry Holder, non-registered association.
    email: registry at openchallenge dot org
    (Street address available upon request, for privacy reasons :)

  2. Contact person regarding the registry

    Mr. Jussi Kallioniemi
    email: jukal at openchallenge dot org [PGP available]
    phone: +358 400 966 558
    fax: +358 401 966 558

  3. Registry name

    Openchallenge subscriber registry.

  4. Use of the personal data collected

    The data contained in the registry is used to send newsletters strictly about Openchallenge according to the preferences set by the email holder.

  5. Information contained in the registry

    The registry contains e-mail addresses and preferences about newsletter categories to which the e-mail holder has subscribed to.

  6. Information source for the registry

    The information is given by the e-mail holder upon newsletter subscription and upon change of newsletter category preferences.

  7. Delivering information contained in the registry inside the European union and to other countries

    The information contained in the registry is not delivered to any instance in any form without a valid request from the governmental authorities. The only communication is between and the subscriber.

  8. Policies regarding protecting the registry

    The registry data is maintained elaborately and the data can be accessed by only such individuals who have signed a non-disclosure agreement., 2002 Feedback